Academic Advising

The Academic Advising program is a cooperative effort of the faculty and Student Services. In each curriculum, a student is assigned a faculty advisor who will assist that student in planning programs and selecting courses.

All students are advised to refer to the Student Handbook for information about the courses required for graduation in the various areas of study.

By conferring with the advisors when questions arise, students will be more accurate in the proper selection of courses. Advisors and counselors are available to students, but the final responsibility for meeting program and graduation requirements remains with the student.

Where deficiencies are found in any area, a counselor/advisor will help students select an appropriate course in order to meet necessary program requirements and/or course prerequisites.

“Developmental Studies” courses will not count toward graduation. Students are however encouraged to complete them immediately upon enrollment.

It is highly recommended that students make appointments with their advisors prior to registration for each semester.