The New Juaben North Member of Parliament, Hon. Nana Agyei Boateng conducted a monitoring to inspect all undertaking infrastructural projects in different parts of the Municipality on Monday 19th July, 2021.

The purpose was to identify achievements, constraints and failures so that improvements can be made to project designs to achieve better results and to ensure Transparency, Social  Accountability and value for money in the implementation to aid in decision making.

The team visited the following project sites; construction of community  Centre  at Akwadum, construction of 3- unit classroom Block at Suhyen SDA, Public Toilet facility (water closet) at Akwadum, construction of maternity wing at Akwadum, Mechanized borehole at Akwadum and extension in the market, construction of No.2 Unit KG classroom block at Asokore Salvation, completion of 5 Unit classroom block at Koforidua Technical institute at Effiduase and Rehabilitation and conversion of community center to a two story town hall complex at Asokore.

The Member of Parliament asked the Chief Executive to make the Akwadum Community Center Operationalized to achieve the intended purposes.

Hon Chief Executive in response said measures have been put in place to make the zonal council members to use the facility as well as to bring Environmental Officers, Education Officers and Health Professionals. It was observed that the problem is lack of water and no landscapes. He recommended that the water problem should be captured at the next budget review and the immediate surroundings should be paved.

At Suhyen SDA, the work has been completed and the pupils have moved in using it but the problem was no KG Block for the kids so they have turned the offices into classrooms for KG due to the high enrolment. It was recommended that the Assembly constructs another block for them.

An old water closet Toilet facility at Akwadum was recommended that the facility should be renovated and put in use by changing it from water closet type to ceramic mold which will need less water.

The newly constructed mechanized borehole at the clinic should be extended to the old toilet facility to help its functioning.

The maternity wing at Akwadum work been completed and in use except that the plaque should be in place, He advice the health Professionals to channel all problems  through the administrator to the Municipal Chief Executive for assistance.

He also recommended that all the completed projects should show inscriptions on the infrastructure to show the sources of the projects.

The team urged Management to continue to give priority to monitoring and evaluating activities in the Municipality to ensure value for money.

Story By;

Elizabeth Ansaah

Municipal Information Officer

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