New Juabeng North Farmers undergo training

New Juabeng North Farmers undergo training

The Agriculture Department of the New Juaben North Municipal Assembly has organized a training workshop for farmers in the Municipality.

This is a measure towards full implementation of the Planting for Export and Rural Development (PERD) programme under the current government.

This programme is designed to focus on the development of selected export tree crops, such as cashew, coffee, oil palm, coconut, mango and rubber.

PERD presents Ghana with opportunities for diversification and new sources of revenue.

The Municipal Chief Executive Hon. Comfort Asante graced the occasion with her presence. The MCE thanked the farmers for their hard work in feeding mother Ghana and encouraged them to continue with their good works. The MCE promised them of Government’s support to elevate farming from old ways to the modern ways of cultivating.

She stressed that this will enable them to meet demand level for both local consumption and export.

Mr. Asamoah, a local farmer made mention of ex-President Kuffuor’s era which brought about a special tree planting species for export, program which was abandoned after President Kuffuor’s tenure.

Mr. Darkwah, a farmer who also expressed his dissatisfaction on sand winning in Mpaemu where Akwadum shares boundary with Suhyen said, “Sand winners are taking over the farmlands”.

The MCE in addressing these concerns assured the farmers that the issue will be taken care of by the Assembly and all other stakeholders involved.

The MCE also encouraged farmers to desist from trial and error nature of agriculture and rather concentrate on one crop production to gain the needed experience.

The Municipal Agriculture Director Mr. Emmanuel Narh said the Government is embarking on structural change from centralized system to decentralized one.

Topics discuss includes;

  • Sensitization on armyworm infestation
  • Planting for food and job
  • Planting for Export and Rural Development (PERD)

The Municipal Agriculture Director said the farmers needed to meet quantity level of 600 metric tons per district before the investors can buy their farm products.

Mr. Emmanuel Narh appealed to the farmers to use the required practices of drug application received to control pest infestations through the education received from the Ministry of Agriculture.

The Agriculture Director expressed government commitment to support the farmers through government allocation of funds to prepare 60,000 seedlings which is ready and available tractors to help those with large scales farms.

Mr Narh, again encouraged the farmers to engage in corporative planning of land farms to help in bringing local economic development, He added.

An officer from veterinary office, Madam Mary, also educated farmers on animal consumption. She said raring program is done to augment crop production to enhance our diet. These programs with exceptions always face challenges of animal diseases and change of weather that kills most animals.

She reiterated that, the veterinary department is always ready to assist the farmers to vaccinate their animal.

She encouraged some farmers to venture into animal rearing to increase animal production and consumption. She announce to them of the new time table that will take them through vaccination process.

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