New Juabeng North MCE admonishes Maagrace garments workers to use time judiciously

New Juabeng North MCE admonishes Maagrace garments workers to use time judiciously

The Municipal Chief Executive of the New Juaben North Assembly, Comfort Asante has urged workers of Maagrace Garments Industries Limited to give out their best whiles under training.

She said this at the premises of garments industry during her weekly routine inspection in the municipality. The MCE asked workers to take every stage of their training seriously since their future depends on whatever they are being taught. ‘Have u ever asked yourself where you would have been if not for this woman’s dream? ‘She asked.

Hon Comfort Asante asked workers to invest their time for the purpose for which they are there. She further asked them to be determined to come out well in order to be useful to the New Juaben North Municipality and the country as a whole.

Madam Comfort Asante thanked the head of the institution Maagrace and called on individuals to emulate her to enhance job creation in Ghana.

She stressed that the Government have the private sector at heart and will do what it can to support their activities. MCE encouraged them to reach out to her anytime since the Assembly is committed in helping the garments industry.

Trainees who excelled in their various duties were awarded for their dedication and selflessness.

The head of the institution, Mrs. Comfort Owusu Agyemang also took the opportunity to express her gratitude to the MCE for believing in the clothing industry.

Maagrace garments industries limited is apparel manufacturing company which is into production of corporate and group garments. The company has about 1,400 sitter factory {day and night capacity} with heavy industry machines and equipment.

Maagrace garments industries limited in 2015 partnered with BOJ clothing and has since been working on several contracts from SHS in Ghana, the Police service,Military,the banks, private security companies among other retail shops and individual clothing.

The garments industries seek to create jobs for Ghanaians complementing government efforts in reducing unemployment. Its mission is to produce quality but affordable clothing that will meet the general appeal needs of Ghanaians and beyond that will significantly reduce the over dependence of foreign cloths.

Maagrace industries intend to create business that will manufacture cloth and garment for average person in our sub region, the company is based in Ghana, but intended not to confine its market share to Ghana only, rather take advantage of, Ghana been member of AGOA (duty free to the USA market & European market).

Also a team of exuberant shareholders who are keen to achieve success are always on supervision to reach set target. The leadership of the organization are, passionate in committing to the dreams of the company, whiles hard working employees show outmost desire to work as stated by the chief executive of the company.

The chief executive officer of Maagrace Industries retreated on various challenges confronting the garment industry, she made mention of importation of cheap garments from china, turkey and India, also over dependence of second hand product have create a fierce competition in the clothing industry. Inadequate funds for organizing international trade show, has being serious challenge to the company. This is because conducting an international trade show is more capital intensive as compared to the local trade shows.

As competition for market share dominance increase among players in the garment industry, all strategies and tactics are device by various company to grab the lion share in the market, this have make both print and electronic media, a medium of advertising which also comes with a huge budget, but Maagrace garment limited lack the financial power to survive the competition.

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