The new Juaben north municipal Assembly organized a  meeting  with   the traditional leaders in the  municipality at Assembly hall.

The Forum was held on the discussions on ownership of   land disputes between chief of Kukurantumi and the New Juaben people in Akwadum, Asokore, Suhyen, Effiduase and Oyoko and its surroundings.

Madam Comfort Asante in her address stated clearly that these meeting was to find a peaceful solutions and to bring on board documents and issues going on at grounds to the Assembly for onwards submission to the Attorney   general office for redress at the court because it is a threating issue to the security of the Municipality and the constituency at large, which if action is not taken now ,it will be a problem.

The Municipal Police commander  DSP Samuel Acolatso Young Yao in  his presentation said from their investigations that  chief of Kukurantumi have given portions of  lands at Akwadum and its environs to the Fulani men and some to Estate developers which leads to people always complaining of  land guards removing their pillars which have become a security threat in the municipality.

The chief of Jumapo, Obrempong Kwame Oppong Owusu  III agree with the Authority of the Assembly with the great concern about the situation in their towns and support the Assembly idear to have a lasting solution to these behavior of the chief of the Kukurantumi to order , which is gradually bringing insecurity to their communities .

He said the chief of Kukurantumi have install Odikro at part of their town in which is causing a treat in their towns and therefore wish after the Assembly decision the Paramount chief for the whole  New Juaben Traditional area, Nana Kwaku Boateng III  should be informed as our Paramount chief .

The Akwadum chief , Nana Osei Owusu Agyare II,contributed to the issue of the so called land guard on the land which if care is not taken immediately it will bring a big trouble to our communities and therefore we gathered here should rise behind the Assembly and give them all the necessary support such as documents showing that government have bought it outright from the Akyemes and also other grievances going on with evidence to the Assembly for onward submission to the attorney general office for proper legal actions to be taken.

The Queen mother for Suhyen, Nana Amoanimah Kukudrufour  said effort has been done to stop the Kukurantumi  chief  but  all  to  no  avail and therefore support the Assembly attention on these matter at hand  which concern our security .

Other matters was raised concerning cemeteries taking over by the Assembly to control and also some projects such as road constructions, Jumapo police station building and other   projects, that the chiefs in the communities are not sometimes not  aware   before  the  contractors  come  to  site.

Present were the municipal coordinating director,Mr Ahaji Tijani, municipal finance officer, and    municipal environmental officer Mr  Darku  Daniel


Story by

Elizabeth Ansaah

Municipal Information Officer.

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