The Centre for National Culture, New Juaben North Municipal Assembly in collaboration with Agriculture Department organized a programme on Food Demonstration and Nutrition Talk for Women Farmers in the Municipality on Wednesday 22nd March, 2023. Which was held in Effiduase-Koforidua.


Some dignitaries who were invited to grace the programme were, The Municipal Chief Executive for the Municipality, Hon. Comfort Asante, The Regional Director for Centre for National Cultural, Mr. Peter Kofi Marfo, The Regional WIAD Officer, Hajia Yussif Habib and The Municipal Agric Director, Mr. Emmanuel Amenu.

The Municipal Cultural Officer in person of Ms. Richill Aniwaa Appiah was the MC for the programme. She made the purpose of the programme known to the participants, which she said, most at times farmers do not have anything to do after cropping their seeds, so the programme was organized for the farmers to know the benefits of the crops they harvest and also, the food demonstration will serve as another livelihood for them whiles waiting for their crops to germinate. Afterwards, Mr. Peter Botwe an Agric officer ushered the event in God’s hand.

The Municipal Agric Director gave the welcome address. He welcomed the dignitaries and participants. He mentioned that, our country Ghana and Africa as a whole is blessed with different cultural backgrounds that comes along with different local dishes. These local dishes have a lot of nutritional values that promote good health and growth but, we tend to forget or leave these natural indigenous food items and go after exotic or foreign ones which cannot be compared with the indigenous ones in-terms of nutrition.

He made it clear in his speech that we need to go back to our roots, identify and appreciate these indigenous dishes and promote them. He also said we should make the conscious effort to grow what we eat and eat what we grow to promote agriculture in the Municipality. This should not be left for the Department of Agriculture and Center for National Culture but all of us should embrace the concept of growing and utilizing our local food products.

The Regional Director for Centre for National Culture, Mr. Peter K. Marfo emphasized in his speech on the need to promote our national identity by patronizing local foods and products at all times. In his speech, he specified that patronizing local products will in turn boost the country’s economy and also provide opportunities to farmers, sellers and other stakeholders whose activities would earn them a living at the long run. He also encouraged the participants to eat kontomire and other vegetables that are already rich in nutrients needed by the body.

The Municipal Chief Executive for New Juaben North, Hon. Comfort Asante was glad with the high rate of attendance and commended participants for taking part in the programme. In her speech, she urged the participants to be health conscious by ensuring they eat more of our local foods due to the essential ingredients they contain.

According to her, her outfit would make the event an annual one to ensure many women in the in the municipality are brought on board to be educated on the need to plant more and also eat local foods and other products.

Madam. Hajia Yusif Habib the Regional WIAD Officer, gave a nutrition talk on the foods that was being demonstrated. She said, local foods contain the needed nutrients needed for the body to grow well and also protect it from many diseases that comes with constant usage of foreign foods. She stated, “I will continue to urge Ghanaians to have taste for local foods since they contain the necessary ingredients that the body needs to grow well. Too much of noodles and other junk foods will rather affect our health negatively.” She advised people in New Juaben North Municipality to patronize local based foods and drinks, instead of relying heavily on foreign foodstuffs.

The programme was facilitated by Mad. Malwin Yayra Bidahor a healthy food lifestyle coach and Mad. Felicia Kwao a caterer. They made it known to the participants on the benefits of the following recipe: Tiger nut pudding, Tubaani and Prekese juice. They educated the participants on how the body need these recipes.

Benefits of Tiger Nut

  • It is rich in nutrients (it protects the body against aging and diseases like cancer and heart disease).
  • It improves digestion (it promotes healthy digestion in various ways).
  • It reduces blood sugar levels. (It helps in checking blood sugar levels).
  • It is good for the health of one’s heart.
  • It is an immune system booster and help fight infections.
  • It has a history of being used to boost libido.

Benefits of Prekese

  • It supports the immune system (vitamins, iron, calcium, potassium and zinc)
  • It treats cardiovascular problems (good to treat problems of the heart)
  • It helps in anti-inflammatory properties.
  • It is very good in curing fever
  • It controls diabetes.



Benefits of Tubaani

  • It gives iron to the body.
  • It provides soluble fiber to the human system.
  • It gives folate to the body.
  • It contains high protein and is good to the body.

All these benefits were made known to the participants for them to know the vitality of the programme. They were taken through the food demonstration, which afterwards they had a taste of the various recipe demonstrated.

Certificates of participation were awarded to participants and the programme ended successfully.

All appreciation goes to the Municipal Assembly for being the main sponsor of the programme, Intravenous Infusions and Opanyin Ayeh Roofing Systems for supporting this educative programme.



Reported by:

Richill Aniwaa Appiah

(The Municipal Cultural Officer)





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