It captures activities undertaken and the results achieved in the 3- core programmes of Justice Administration, Child and Family Welfare, and Community Care which were aimed at mainstreaming the vulnerable, disadvantaged and Persons with Disability (PWDs) into society.


The Department is mandated to monitor the activities of Non-Profit Organisations (NPOs), support the less privileged through the LEAP cash transfer programme and 3% Disability Fund disbursement. It is also responsible for the general administration of the LEAP programme from targeting to enrolment and cash transfer. The objective was tailored to support the under privileged, Working with Persons Living with Disabilities,

Co-ordinating payments of LEAP and collaborations with Non-Profit Organisations.

The department seeks to collaborate with the various NPOs and stakeholders to ensure that delivery of social services in the municipality are well harnessed and achieved.



Participants were sensitised on the purpose of the common Fund and its proper usage.

They were advised to trade in relevant business ventures that is related to their skills and were encouraged to improve their knowledge.



The Department is in partnership with Aid Trust Foundation – an NPO, to extend its optical services to the inmates of the Ghana Prisons Service and persons living with disability in the Municipality. This is to ensure that social services are extended to the vulnerable to ensure improved living standards.

3.4 83rd to 86th  CYCLE LEAP PAYMENT   PROGRAM

83rd to 86th cycle LEAP payment was carried out in all the 21 LEAP communities during the quarter under review. It was joint payments thus 83rd and 84th cycle was paid from 5th to 7th July, 2023, and 85th and 86th cycle was also paid from 13th  to 15th September, 2023. Beneficiary households received double of the cash grant amount. The  government has increased the bi-monthly cash grant paid to beneficiary households by a hundred percent (100%) to cushion them against the rising cost of living.  Beneficiaries of the Livelihood Empowerment against Poverty (LEAP) still stand at six hundred and thirty-six (636) in twenty-one (21) communities in the Municipality.

Find below the details;

Total Allocation (LEAP) Gh₵98,376 Total No. Of Households LEAP 636
TT Amt Credited by GhiPSS Gh₵98,376 Total HHs Credited by GhiPSS 636
Total Amount Cashed Out Gh₵70,876 No. Of Household Cashed out 509
Total Amount Not Cashed Out Gh₵27,500 No. Of Households Not Credited
Total Amount Not Credited No. Of HHs Not Cashed out 127


Below are attached some pictures:

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