This report covers the services that were undertaken by the Department of Social Welfare in collaboration with the St. Joseph Hospital, Effiduase – Koforidua to clients who needed them for their existence. These services embodied the Core Programs of the Department in the hospital environment for the survival of man. These services include;


  1. Counseling / Social education to patients and their significant others
  2. Contact with relative
  3. Assisting clients in collecting salaries / entitlement etc.
  4. Advise on disability
  5. Recommendation for undertakings
  6. Absconded patients
  7. Recommendation for pauper burial
  8. Assistance to the needy
  9. Referral cases to DSW staff
  10. Counseling and reintegration of psychiatric patients
  11. Discharged of relatives
  12. Miscellaneous assistance
  13. Subsistence/travel & transport
  14. Referral cases to community health for supervision
  15. Community /foster are arranged
  16. Discharged to CDI or institutional care
  17. Supplied clothing
  18. Home visits


This section also highlights the organizational details, achievements and challenges of the unit in relation to the programs performance.


OBJECTIVES:  To assist clients to overcome or cope with their medico-social challenges using preventive and curative approaches.



Total number of cases handled                                       91

Total number of completed cases                                   87

Total number of cases pending-                                      3



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