The new Juaben north municipal Assembly organized a community engagement with Asikasu No 1 and Asikasu No 2 in the municipality.

The Forum was held on the theme: “Good Governance; The Role of Stakeholders” and also part of Government policy of bringing Governance to the doorstep of the citizens.

Madam Comfort Asante in her address stated clearly what the Assembly has done and what they are still doing to help the Municipality grow. She said the Assembly is trying its best to put the Municipality on a good developmental ladder. She urged everyone to feel free and come to the Assembly when they need any help or any suggestion that will help the Municipality to grow.

Mr. George Ayensu, the physical planning officer in his presentation said as soon as you buy a land make sure to process the document on it to be able to register the land and this will help you to fast truck the acquiring of building permit to build because without the lands commissions document indicating the real ownership of the said land, the Assembly cannot give you permit to build.

He also warn the citizenry to stop building without permit by educating them on the problems and issues it will bring to the community in terms of creating proper demarcation in our community and also to prevent people from building in a water ways to prevent flooding.

DSP Young Akorlatse, the Police District Commander in his remarks stated categorically that the police are doing everything they can to curb the rate at which youth abuse drugs in the Municipality. He suggested that anyone who knows any “Ghetto” that these drugs are been sold should help inform the police so that they can go and arrest anyone involved.

Madam Anent Asraku from the Health Service also advised each and every one to take their health issues very serious. She said the child from age zero to 5years need to be vaccinated with the polio vaccine because Ghana want to eradicate polio from our country.

She also advice men and women in their sexual intimacy well by saying the HIV and AIDS is currently on the raised and therefore call on all leaders and chiefs to talk to their community members to protect themselves .  And so everyone should not neglect the health and safety protocols but should rather take it serious. She also educated the public on other health issues.

The Municipal Education Director, Madam Beverly Bathels said People should take their education serious because the Government has taken it upon Himself to offer a free education to every child in this Country so we should not joke with this opportunity since it’s a fundamental right for every child.


Ayer Larbi a man from the community reported on the poor road in the community.

A concern native also suggested that most of the street lights in the community have not been functioning hence making it difficult to arrest the thief’s who are stealing their sheep’s and goats.

A man in the community also raised an issue of electricity meters which is very urgent due to the new building which do not have electricity power in the various homes.

Mr. Kwaku Nano complains about households toilet facilities in the community and therefore needs urgent assistance from the Assembly.

A woman who produce palm oil, plead with the Assembly to assists them in repairing of milling machine which was used to produce palm oil in the community.

The farmers also appeal to the Assembly to buy a new motor for their milling machine for palm nuts in their community.

Finally another person urged the Assembly to keep organizing many town hall meetings within the Municipality so that people will get the opportunity to interact with the Assembly.


Reacting to the concerns raised by the residence, the Municipal Chief Executive for New Juaben North, Mad. Comfort Asante said that the assembly is working around the clock to solve these problems.

She also said most of the street lights which are not functioning, very soon the Assembly will buy the chokes and bulbs which needs to be replace.

The Municipal Coordinating Director Mr. Alhaji Tinjani promised that the Assembly will procure the milling machines and the motor for the milling of the palm nut very soon because the Assembly have plans already in place to support them in that business.

He also stated that there will be more town hall meetings within all the communities which will help people interact with the Assembly.


Story by

Elizabeth Ansaah

Municipal Information Officer.


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