The New Juaben North Municipal Assembly have organized workshop  for  twenty six (26)  WATSAN committee members in seven (7)  communities, including Oyoko, Suhyen,Akwadum,Kofi-krom,Worapong,Adompogya and Basare-Nkwanta  at  Assembly hall on 13th December, 2022.

The New Juaben  North Municipal Coordinating director  welcome all Committee Members to take the training hard to enrich their knowledge in the handling of the boreholes entrusted into their care to serve the intended purposes for the various communities in the Municipalities.

The 1st facilitator, Mr. Darko explained to the participants the importance of keeping their environment clean as hygiene is paramount for quality of good sources of water.

Presentation of unhygienic activities such as refuse dumping in water bodies, defecation on our river banks were used to explain the need for a hygienic environment. He advice the participants about   unsanitary environment which have effects on the communities leading to possible outbreak of diseases.

The 2nd facilitator, Madam Sally Mahamah took participants through the Roles and Responsibilities as a WATSAN Committee Member such as Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, care taker and Sanitation Officer.

She said as the Chairman, he or she is the leader of the committee and hold a big responsibility to make directives of the activities of its members as well as the secretary’s work is to take all minutes of meetings of the committee and also writing of official letters to their stakeholders.

The treasurer is in charge of the records of all monies collected and savings at bank and also keeps the pass book and the check book, him or her also signs with the chairman to withdraw monies at bank.

The care taker is in charge of selling water at various centers where the boreholes can be found as well as the sanitation officers are to make sure the environment which the boreholes are found are always clean to avoid contamination of the water.

Present were the municipal finance officer,mr Muntala Alhassan,municipal planning officer, madam Florence Nartey,municipal Deputy director, madam Victoria Ghartey and municipal budget officer, Mr. Joseph Atta  Baah .

Story by

Elizabeth Ansaah

Municipal Information officer.

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