Crude dumping/disposal is the worst of refuse disposal that is still being practiced.

It comes along with several dangerous health implications that lead to spread of diseases.

Unfortunately, Oyoko had two of this obsolete refuse disposal type located at Adeneagya and near Oyoko Presby Basic School.

In order to forestall any outbreak of diseases such cholera, typhoid, malaria etc, Management of the Assembly decided to evacuate these refuse heaps.


ADENEAGYA (Presby Area and High Tension) Refuse Evacuation

The REFUSE DUMPS evacuations at these two (2) were large because it was spread at a large area under the High Tension poles and behind the Presby Basic Schools.

Development of buildings have reached these places and people are settling near the sites. Therefore the existence of the refuse dumps were very detrimental to their health as it could cause the rise diseases among the populace. The cost of the evacuation of the refuse heap at Oyoko was Twenty-Six thousand Eight Hundred Ghana cedis (GH¢26,800.00).

The refuse evacuations of these sites was completely done in the month of May, 2023.


For the situation of discriminate dumping of refuse to stop at these sites, Management should consider adhering to the following recommendation;

  1. There should be a communal refuse containers placed at the two sites where the refuse evacuations were carried out.
  2. The inhabitants around the sites could be sensitised to subscribe to the door to door refuse collection by acquiring household wastebins.
  3. The access roads to these sites areas need to be worked on.

During the year under review, anotherof such evacuations was carried out in Jumapo townships.

Another evacuation was carried at Jumapo in the month November 2023.The refuse heap was situated near the railway station which is also closer to the Jumapo market. The heap was posing as health threat to the inhabitants of the community hence the urgent need for the evacuation .

After the evacuation, staff of the Environmental Health unit embarked on an intensive health education  on the dangers and health hazards the refuse could pose, law enforcement orders were strictly adhere to, in order toprevent any one from dumping at the site again. The site was successfully reclaimed

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