This report covers the services that were undertaken by the Department of Social Welfare in collaboration with the Ghana Prisons Service and affiliated stakeholders to offer assistance to prison inmates and handle Juvenile cases.

The objective is to provide assistance to juveniles in terms of proper rehabilitation, reformation, prison after care and to promote their social wellbeing.

A total of two hundred and thirty-six (236) inmates were assisted to have access to health care through the issuance of NHIS Cards. These included the registration of fifty-four (54) newly admitted convict prisoners, renewal of one hundred and seventeen (117) inmates and replacement of sixty-five (65) inmates’ NHIS cards for the inmates of the Ghana Prisons Service.

Koforidua Prisons is mainly a male prison and the table below depicts the nature of cases handled during the  fourth quarter of 2023.


Nature of Case   Male  
Prisoners interviewed on admission  
Prisoners interviewed on discharge  
Contact with relatives/ employers  
Prisoners assisted to register with the NHIS 54  
Prisoners assisted to renew their NHIS cards         117  
Prisoners assisted to replace their missing NHIS cards         65  
Total 236








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