The unit in collaboration with Solidaridad visited four coco life communities in the municipality to help them review their community action for the year namely Asikesu, Suhyen Mpaem, Akwadum and Worampong. The meeting was to access activities in the action plan that the communities were able to carry out during the previous year hence make omissions and additions to the plan. Most of the activities were however carried out with teenage pregnancy being the major concern throughout all the four communities. Nonetheless the unit in bid to reduce teenage pregnancy in these communities had discussion with the representative from Solidaridad and these would be done through community durbar and school sensitization by using video clips and child rights and child protection toolkits.

Participants include 87 males and 233 females.










A sensitization program was organized for the Jumapo community. A total of number of three hundred and sixty five (365) community folks were reached out to. They comprised of two hundred and forty four (244) females and one hundred and twenty one (121) males. In attendance were community members and market women.


Community Male Female Total
Jumapo 121 244 365


 Main activities conducted

  • Family Welfare
  • Sanitation management
  • Economic Development and Poverty alleviation

At the end of the program, members, families and individuals of the above mentioned community were made to understand the relevance of sanitation management as a prerequisite to healthy personal development and a propelling path to sustainable economic development and excellence. They got to understand that, healthy parenting and interactive home management stands to spur and drive a vibrant community growth and development. They were also alerted on their environmental hygiene and safety measures. Disposal and recycling of some household waste, causes of most prevailing floods and ways to curb or mitigate it. We also ceased the opportunity to discuss few economic initiatives that can place them on the path of financial independence and self sustenance. Being economic sound comes with a lot of benefits that makes your existence in the community a pleasing one. On engaging these communities, they were made aware of the need to exhibit good and healthy parenting practices towards their wards. The well-being of their children should be of paramount interest to them. The need to have oversight assessment of their kid’s day to day Endeavour’s. Again, parents were also sensitized on family welfare. The family settlement is the primary space and ambience where the developing child develops and harness traits and characters which inform their way of life and therefore should exhibit holistic in their dealings. The child mimics the ways of the individual members in the family and each and every member should try to put up exemplary character for the benefit of their wards. Also, relating to environmental safety and healthy sanitary measures. They were made aware on the need to initiate lifestyle patterns or practices that will mitigate on plastic waste pollutions. Last but not least, they were educated on environmental safety and sustainability as far as the use of plastic waste is of concern. Plastic waste is now of major concern due to the fact that, it’s contributes more than 70% of the total waste generation in the country and stands as a leading environmental pollutants.

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