Information Service


Head of Department


The Municipal Information Services Department is responsible for disseminating government policies to people within the metropolis. The Department is tasked with the responsibility of sensitizing and educating citizens on various activities (this includes: health screening exercises, Community engagement with Municipal Chief Executive , Going on Radio to educate the general Public on Government programs and policies etc.) organized by the Assembly. The Department also reports on the Assembly’s monthly activities and Daily activities and ensures that these reports are duly submitted to top management of the NJNMA. IS also sees to the compilation and timely delivery of Situational reports and Public Reaction reports within the Assembly to the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development.


  • Create awareness of Government policies, programmes and activities
  • Provide public relation support to the Assembly
  • Submit feedback reports from the public to government.
  • Provision of print media
  • Inviting the media to programs held by the Assembly.