Planning Unit


Head of Unit

The development planning leads in strategic planning, efficient integration and implementation of public policies and programmes in achieving sustainable economic growth and development. Provide the needed technical advice to the Municipal Assembly in its Planning, monitoring, evaluation and coordination function.


The Unit exists to perform the following functions:

  • Collection and preliminary analysis of data
  • Preliminary rationalization and harmonization of development policies
  • Implementation of strategies and programmes and preparation of project documentation.
  • Identification of bankable project assessment of economic viability of projects and provision of available guidance for their implementation.
  • Direction and management of the integrated development planning process and the co-ordination of the implementation of policies, programmes and project by sectorial departments.
  • Assist in the preparation of comprehensive plans (Medium Term Plans, Annual Action Plans) development budget and identification of subject areas for technical details of the plan targets.
  • Monitoring and evaluating the implementation of plans of various section agencies and ensuring the achievement of the plan target
  • Co-ordination of donor funded development projects.